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What is validation?

The qualified validation is a service for verifying the validity and qualified status of electronic signatures/seals and their certificates in electronically signed documents.
The qualified validation service is provided only by a qualified trust service provider such as InfoNotary.
The result of the validation process is provided in a reliable automated manner and is signed with the electronic signature/seal of the qualified trust service provider.

When is the validation service used?

Validation of an electronic document
When a recipient of an electronic document wishes to verify its reliability and authorship
Electronic transaction processing
When the electronic exchange of data involves authorization based on the use of certificates
Electronic archiving of documents
Validation is part of the process of maintaining an electronic archive to ensure the validity of archived documents throughout their lifecycle

Our services

Online verification of single electronic signatures, documents or certificates

Benefits of Using InfoNotary Qualified Validation Service


Validation of electronic signatures, certificates and documents issued throughout the EU in accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation. Obtaining a signed verification result.

Reliability and legality

Timely detection of unreliable content or identity. Ensuring reliable electronic data exchange. Compliance with legal requirements for the acceptance of electronic documents.

Easy integration and use

API integration into workflows or processes. Intuitive and user-friendly.