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Lost signature

  • In the case of a lost or stolen e-signature, request a suspension from 8:00 - 18:00 - on weekdays:
    • by phone 02/921 08 90,02/451 08 90, 0888 097 710,
      0889 220 075
    • email: support@infonotary.com
    Visit our office, to request termination or resumption of e-signature.

Validity renewal

    Certificate renewals can be requested in person at our office or remotely at the following address: office@infonotary.com

    Renewals are granted for valid certificates only if all data of the certificate is unchanged.

Suspension of electronic signature

Submit a request to suspend your e-signature:
  • by phone - 02/921 08 90,02/451 08 90, 0888 097 710, 0889 220 075 indicating your ID number or PIN.
  • by fax 02 / 987 91 31;
  • by email: support@infonotary.com;
  • in person at the office
  • The e-signature is suspended for 48 hours. After this period the validity, unless otherwise requested, is automatically resumed. During the suspension period the certificate is considered invalid.

PIN unblocking

If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, it is blocked and needs to be unblocked, for which you can use the Infonotary Smart Card Manager.

In case you do not have Infonotary Smart Card Manager installed, you can install it according to the operating system used - Windows (32 bit or 64 bit), Mac, Linux (Fedora, Red Hat x86 or amd64; Debian, Ubuntu, Mint x86 or amd64).

Detailed instructions and video can be found HERE.

IMPORTANT: If the unlocking AIN is entered incorrectly 3 (three) times during the unlocking attempt, the card is permanently blocked and becomes unusable!

Termination of electronic signature

  • The termination of the e-signature shall be requested in person at the office of the registering authority.

Test for use of the electronic signature