i-Notary Company Q Sign

The universal electronic signature certificate i-Notary Company Q Sign is issued to the legal entity - Holder and the private individual Author, who is its qualified representative.

The certification contains information for authenticating the identity of the legal entity, such as company name, address, BULSTAT, court registration and information about the private individual, empowered to be subscribed as the Author and to create electronic signatures, with his/hers full name, address, Personal ID number and e-mail address

The validity of the certificate is 1 year (365 days).

The price of the Qualified electronic signature certificate issued to a private individual is 60 BGN with VAT.

Documents required for issuing i-Notary Company Q Sign:

  • Personal identity card of the private individual who is entered in the certificate as its Holder/Author (original and attested copy from the Holder/Author);
  • Personal ID card of the legal representative of the Holder, if he/she is a person different from the Author (original and attested copy from the Holder/Author);
  • Certificate for actual commercial registration;
  • Attested Power of Attorney which is the legal base for the qualified representative authority of the private individual towards the legal entity (original) in case the other documents presented do not comprise the reason for empowerment.

In order to check up electronically signed and/or encrypted messages, you have to connect to a mail client* server and a mail box that support the POP3 or IMAP access.
In order to send electronically signed messages, you need a set up email client* and SMTP access.
* It has to support S/MIME and the application of smart cards, for example Thunderbird, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, etc.
For more information, contact your e mail box provider.

How can you receive your personal electronic signature certificate?

  • Locate the closest to you INFONOTARY
  • Select the smart card type you would like to use for storing the encrypted digital certificate issued from the PKI along with any other relevant or needed information about you.
  • Give us the relevant company data you would like to be embedded and the personal data of the private individual you would like to subscribe in the certificate as Author.
  • Present all the required documents needed for the information authentication and validation.
  • Pay for the certification services used.

The validity of the certificate is 1 year (365 days).

A valid, non suspend, universal electronic signature certificate may be renewed once only for another term of validity - 1 year (365 days).

What do you get for your money?

Qualified electronic signature certificate for a legal entity 60 BGN
Smart card 19,20 BGN (in 2 pocket-sized formats):
Standard bank card size
Or SIM size
Smart card reader 22,80 BGN (in 2 formats):
Desk card reader
Or USB Dongle
Device drivers allowing the smart card to interact with the reader.
Software solution for managing the different smart card types and readers in.
Software for signing and checking e-documents in BULGARIAN LANGUAGE. Installation user guides and handbooks on working with e-documents, signatures and smart cards.
One-year competent technical assistance and service support by the phone and via e-mail for the installation and the utilization of the certificates.

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