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InfoNotary Sign Service - INSS is a successful way to improve and automate corporate processes for document and data management with a guarantee of their integrity and authenticity, along with saving resources and time.

Prepiska Finance

Do you want to automate the processes of management, control, collection and invoicing of payments and bills?
Use Prepiska Finance

InfoNotary One time signature

Choose InfoNotary's specialized solution to facilitate interaction with your customers and improve their user experience.

Hardware security modules (HSMs)

Ensure reliable interaction between the people, applications and devices in your information systems by secure authentication and authorization using HSM.

Consulting services

Contact us and find out how to use the potential of certification services in your workflow. Our team will advise and offer you the most appropriate solution.

The most common applications of our solutions


Onboarding of new customers.
Signing documents for consumer loans and credits. Opening bank accounts. Updating bank details. Time stamp transactions and receipts.
Signing employment or partnership contracts, internal company documents.


Registration of new customers.
Signing of service contracts with costumers and companies, employment or partnership contracts, internal company documents, etc.
Time stamp of transactions.


Signing of employment or partnership contracts, test results and analyses.
Electronic prescription.

Insurance companies

Onboarding of new costumers.
Signing of insurance documents and contracts.

Organizations and companies

Signing of employment or partnership contracts, service contracts with customers, internal company documents, as well as automation of corporate workflow, etc.